Training Solutions Inc Knoxville TN

About Us

Training Without Compromise

Our History.

Training Solutions, Inc. (TSI) is a small, disabled, veteran owned full-service training company dedicated to resolving the challenges of our customers, clients, and partners.

Our contributions stem from the opportunities we have had to see the good and the bad in hundreds of companies, and to learn from their successes and their failures.

Our View.

We are a TEAM…a collaborative group of individuals who believe Organizational Health is determined using a HOLISTIC viewpoint where the sum of all the parts of the organization is greater than the sum of each individual group alone and where performance is not only measured in the individual groups, but in the intimate interactions between the groups.

Our Vision.

Connect. Grow. Pursue.

To equip individuals, work groups, and organizations to:

  • Connect to the mission of the organization;
  • Grow in all aspects of leadership, and
  • Pursue a culture of performance.

Our Solutions.

Using TSI can provide a noticeable return on investment by minimizing rework or delays because, as consultants, we have “been there and seen that”. From the corner shop with two employees to our favorite fortune 100 company, the years of working with companies of every size and shape have prepared us to help you, too.

We can offer the unique ability to assess your company's organizational health by taking a top down approach to the organization and a bottom up approach of the people...breaking the whole into its simplest pieces and then trying to systematically put everything back together again. This allows TSI to find the holes (gaps) and then offer specific tools, resources and experience to fill those gaps.

By leveraging our experience, knowledge, expertise, and integrity, we help create organizations where the employees and the culture thrive on achieving higher levels of performance.

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