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InMAP Incident Mapping

The InMAP system is the only incident investigation system designed to incorporate Human Performance Improvement principles as its foundation.

Using these principles, InMAP is, by design, proactive rather than reactive. Instead of focusing on the causes of the last incident, InMAP uses the information gathered during the investigation process to develop robust defenses and error tolerant processes to prevent the next 10 incidents.

InMAP answers the problems that other incident investigation programs cannot:

  • InMAP is scalable, meaning you can use it to investigate near misses and smaller incidents with minor outcomes, finding gaps in your coverage cheaply, and before they can lead to more serious outcomes.
  • InMAP defines a systematic approach for the collection of data that eliminates subjectivity, yet allows for the development of context as well as sequence. This enables a far stronger correlation of causal effects to corrective actions.
  • InMAP guides you through developing a solid timeline, that clearly indicates Points of Deviation worthy of further examination.
  • InMAP classifies causal factors into 5 categories, each of which are linked to a series of corrective actions specifically designed to mitigate that factor.
  • InMAP's approach is reproducible, allowing easy verification of findings through parallel investigations.

Christopher Jerger, CEO of Training Solutions Inc, and the designer of the InMAP Incident Investigation System, is a nationally recognized keynote speaker bringing 25 years of experience in helping others to excellence. As co-founder of the Human Performance Improvement Institute, he has seen the inherent value in incorporating those principles into incident investigation. Chris brings more than a decade of investigation experience to the development of the inMAP Incident Investigation Mapping system.