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Human Performance Improvement (HPI) Implementation

Human Performance Improvement recognizes that people are human and make mistakes. By recognizing factors that lead to mistakes, HPI allows your company to put defenses into place that minimize the frequency and severity of consequences of those mistakes. TSI provides the following HPI services:

  • HPI Program Implementation
  • HPI Training and Certification
  • HPI Accident Investigation Tools and Training
  • At Risk/Reckless Behavior Reviews
  • Just Culture Modeling
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Organizational Development

TSI can help you develop your organization to work as an integrated unit for greater efficiency. We use a unique assessment process developed over two decades to analyze your company and find areas where productivity gains can be made.

Productivity Enhancements

TSI can analyze your operations and find areas of improvement, including:

  • Effective Commmunication
  • Effective Incentive Programs
  • Accountability
  • Work Flow Integration
  • Accident Recovery
  • Process Controls

VPP Implementation

TSI can help you to document continued improvement and, if desired, assist with annual reports and the recertification packages.

Leadership and Management

High Performance Organizations know the value of developing sound leaders and place a high priority on helping those in management succeed. TSI offers training/coaching to help those taking the next step in their careers.

  • Professional Advancement
  • Workforce Progression
  • Matrix Assignments
  • Expectations and Delegation

In order to provide the most effective training, TSI has created

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Time Management

The ability to properly set priorities is the heart of time management. TSI can help you train your employees to control the clock, rather than alowing themselves to be controlled by the clock.

DiSC Behavior Profiling

The DiSC system of behavior profiling and management is the premier tool set for developing individuals to maximize their personal and interpersonal potential, allowing them to become more effective team members.

Supervisor/Manager Mentoring

Moving from the line to a supervisory or management position is a difficult transition but a vital one to maintain continuity in your workforce. TSI can help you prepare your employees to make that transition effectively.

Corrective Action Implementation

After an audit or assessment, the ability to document completion of corrective actions is crucial. The only thing more important is to make sure the corrective actions effectively address the deficiencies. TSI can help you demonstrate compliance with corrective actions, and that the deficiencies have been fully addressed.