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Compliance Management

webSMaRT Compliance Management Suite provides a single software system that integrates document control, training management and tracking, resource management, and HR management into the ultimate compliance tool.

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Audits & Assessments

TSI can perform independent audits of your training program, your operations environment, QA/QC and Safety organizations, or we can provide you with the tools to perform a self audit. We can provide you with tools to ensure the audit goes smoothly, including:

  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Supervisor Mentoring
  • Pre Audit Assessments

Program Development

TSI can help you create a training program, safety program, document control program, or a Compliance Management Program that integrates all of the above into one efficient system which minimizes costs while maximizing productivity. We can implement those programs through On-Site Contract services.

On-Site Oversight

TSI can manage your existing Training, Safety, or QA/QC program through on-site contracting, or we can train your personnel to manage your programs through our Leadership and Management Development Programs.

Corrective Action Implementation

TSI can provide assistance in implementing corrective actions, whether they originate from our assessment, or a third party assessment. We can track completion of key items, as well as compliance with ongoing items and provide up to the minute reporting of the status of all corrective actions through our webSMaRT CMS. We also perform Accident Investigations using an HPI based approach.

Operational Readiness Evaluations

TSI can help you bridge the final gap between preparation and commencement of operations using our experienced operations specialists, who will perform a thorough review of all preconditions for startup, in order to determine whether or not the facility, process, or work team is ready to go.

Emergency Response Program

TSI can evaluate the effectiveness of your Emergency Response Program through audits, assessment, and/or drills. We can provide corrective actions for areas found to need improvement, and document compliance with State or Federal requirements.

VPP Application Preparation

TSI can help you throughout the VPP process, from developing the initial application, to writing the annual reports, to preparing the recertification package.

Technical Services

TSI can provide a full array of technical services, from technical writing, through software compliance solutions such as our webSMaRT Compliance Management Suite. We also have the capability of hosting on-line webinars, delivering cloud based training, and cloud based document storage. Technical services include:

  • Procedure Writing
  • Process Description Manuals
  • Process Flow Reviews
  • JHA Development
  • And more...